Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Why I started this blog.

Hi there, I started this public blog with its very obvious statement about my nationality because I intend to post on matters related to Singapore. However, I have no wish to take an activist stance and be a "socio-political blogger". I think that will probably put the government in defensive mode and I don't want to lim kopi with the officers there. Besides, my husband technically works for the government. >.<

My agenda for the blog is simple. I want to persuade Singaporeans, including those in the government, to change their perspectives by shedding more light on the issues that are close to my heart - namely, the lives of the lower-income families in Singapore, how we treat our senior citizens, and what we can do to make Singapore more pleasant to live in.

If the last issue sounds general, it's meant to be, so that I can include lots of other things under this "umbrella" issue. -.-"

I am going to share a video here. It is not a new video, 10-minutes long and kind of slow-moving, but it gave me the impetus to start this blog.

Credit: Martyn See

I think the message at the end is clear. 

For some reason, this video is not viewable on iPhone, but it can be viewed from the computer. 

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